The “International Academic Institute” (IAI) was estabilshed by a group of university professors, supporters of academic work in order to provide pragmatic approach to social problems from different areas.

The purpose of the “International Academic Institute” is to create a platform for researchers and academics for:

• Research in the field of economics, law, history, politics and other social fields;

• Presentation of scientific results at international academic conferences;

• Creation and exchange of professional and scientific papers;

• Advancement of academic activity and cooperation;

• Publishing research papers (subject to double-blind peer review process)

The International Academic Institute hosts conferences to promote excellence in academic research. The conferences offer two main tracks:

* Business&Economics, Finance and Management

* Eduaction, Humanities and Social Sciencies

The International Academic Institute also conducts trainings, seminars, and forums in the field of human rights, the global economy and business and other attractive social areas; We also offer education supportt services and market research and opinion polling.


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