IAI Launching a New Project: 100 Successful Companies in SEE

It is our special honor and pleasure to inform you that starting from November 2020 the International Academic Institute will launch a new project for the business sector.

100 Successful Companies in SEE is an Annual International Journal  that selects and promotes companies that have achieved good performance in the year 2020 coming from the SEE Region.

Companies will be selected on the basis of a methodology that includes strict criteria such as income, number of employees, company management, protection of industrial property rights, social responsibility.

Team of experts, members of the academic community, businesspersons and prominent individuals will work on the selection process. The publication includes a profile of the selected companies and results achieved in 2020. Although this has been a tough year for the business sector due to COVID-19 pandemic and confronting the effects of the crisis will remain a prevailing challenge in the upcoming period, we would like to encourage the companies to continue with their efforts to keep their standards and quality high.

Publication in 100 Successful Companies in SEE is by invitation only. If you would like to learn more about the Selection Committee, the team preparing the publication and the selection criteria more information will follow in the 100 Companies section on this web page.

100 Successful Companies in SEE Annual International Journal will be issued in printed and electronic version and the selected companies will receive a Certificate of Success issued by the International Academic Institute.

The Publication will be disseminated to all foreign embassies and chambers of commerce in the region, which will contribute to greater visibility, networking, cooperation, promotion and recognition on regional level.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on: contact@ia-institute.com