Full Professor Snezana Knezevic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia




Personal information

Name PhD Snana Knežević, Full professor
Address Belgrade, Serbia
Phone +381(11)3950-845; +381(63)345-230;


Date of birth







  • Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, undergraduate studies

Department: Business Economics

Group: Finance and Accounting

Major: Banking

  • Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, master’s degree

Master thesis: Financial reporting in the function of banksmanagement

  • Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade University, PhD

PhD thesis: Strategic decision making in banks based on the management accounting information


Work Experience

  • Faculty of Organizational Sciences, currently employed

Major in: Financial Managementand Accounting

Subjects: Accounting, Financial Management and Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Valuation of Companies, Key account management

  • Belgrade Business School
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade
  • Military Academy in Belgrade
  • Graduate School of Information and Communication Technologies in Belgrade
  • Founder of entrepreneurial agency for accounting and consulting services


Participation in the projects

  • PRISMA- Programme for Resettlement in Serbia and Montenegro Army; project associate-lecturer, the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Ministry of Defense of Serbia, 2004-2005.
  • Improvement of the method of calculating the cost of goods (inventory) in accordance with International Accounting Standards at the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins of the National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade, 2008, commercial project, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Tempus project 145009-TEMPUS-2008-RS-JPHES Conversion Courses for Unemployed University Graduates in Serbia(CONCUR), Master program Business Performance Management, University of Belgrade


Membership in professional organizations

  • Member of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia
  • Member of the European Marketing and Management Association – EUMMAS
  • Member of the International Public Management Network- IPMN
  • Member of theEuropean economic association (EEA)


Professional orientation

  • Financial accountingand reporting
  • Financial analysis for banks and insurance companies
  • Forensic accounting
  • Company valuation


  • English
  • French
    • Macedonian



  • The court expert in the period from2007until 2011
  • Member of the editorial and review board in journals of national importance
  • Head of continuous professional education and training, “Accounting inpractice for future entrepreneurs” at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade
  • Professionalcertification- Chartered Accountant
  • Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management and the Tax Academy SlobomirP. University inthe Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Socially active person


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