Stefan Milojević, Ph.D., CFO, CFE, Belgrade, Serbia

Stefan Milojević, PhD, Teacher Assistant, was born on November 22, 1991, in Belgrade (Republic of Serbia). While attending high school, he received the prestigious traditional award of the City of Belgrade (formerly the October Award) for the creativity of young people in the field of scientific research.

He completed his basic academic studies in two programs and acquired the first title of a graduate economist, and the second title – graduate engineer of management. He completed a master’s degree in academic studies, also in two programs, and thus acquired the titles: master economist and master traffic engineer for aviation safety. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in economics.

In order to improve his professional development, he completed a number of specialized pieces of training and participated in a number of professional seminars. He is a member or associate member of several prestigious international associations.

He worked as an Accountable Manager at the AIR BELGRADE FLIGHT ACADEMY Pilot Academy, then as a professional consultant to the City of Kikinda, he was also an advisor to directors in several companies, since November 2015 he has been an Accountable Manager as well. Compliance Monitoring Manager (responsible head for compliance monitoring) at the ELITE ACADEMY Aviation Academy, and since June 2019 he has been engaged as the director of the sector “Fraud Prevention and Fraud Investigations” within the audit, accounting, financial and consulting services MOODYS STANDARDS.

In addition to his regular job, he works as a corporate consultant, Executive Business Coach, Fraud Investigator, Business Coach (lecturer – training provider), authorized cabin crew instructor (by the Directorate). Civil Aviation of the Republic of Serbia) for the needs of the ELITE ACADEMY Aircraft Cabin Crew Training Center; Authorized lecturer in basic and specialized training for mediators by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia for the needs of the National Center for Dispute Mediation.

He has published one professional monograph in the field of information security and several scientific and professional papers and has presented at several international conferences. He gave three invited lectures at international conferences. He was a moderator at one of the international conferences.

Selected Publications

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